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This database project was initially established by a grant from the Ohio University John Baker Memorial Fund. It was subsequently expanded to include specimen imaging, as part of the "Appalachian Ohio Herbarium Specimen Database Network", through generous funding by the National Science Foundation.

Online Database for the Floyd Bartley Herbarium of Ohio University

This online service provides data from specimens in the Floyd Bartley Herbarium of Ohio University. Currently, approximately 30,000 specimens of vascular plants are represented in the database.

Data from the remaining 25,000 non-Ohio vascular plant specimens in the Bartley Herbarium, and images of them, will gradually be added in the future. Additionally, specimen databases for mosses and bryophytes, algae and fungi will be incorporated. Soon, specimen databases for collections at Youngstown State University, Muskingum University, Marietta College, and the Edge of Appalachia Preserve system will be linked together to form the "Appalachian Ohio Herbarium Specimen Database Network". Stay tuned for upcoming developments!

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